About Me


Height:  5'0"
Weight:  Petite 100lbs
Eyes: Sparkling Blue
Hair: Naturally Blonde
(changes constantly)
Cultural Background:
All-American with Scandinavian & Irish heritage


I'm an all-American lady who was raised in a small, all-American Midwestern town. My combination Scandinavian-Irish heritage has granted me sparkling, clear blue eyes and a petite pixie-like frame. I stand a towering 5 feet tall, and I'm an even more intimidating 100 pounds

While I've maintained the grounded sensibilities instilled in me early in life, a wider world outside my small hometown soon caught my attention. I soon found myself with the irresistible urge to see and do more. College-educated and forever-adventurous, I've lived all over for periods of time and remain a true travel enthusiast. I love traveling everywhere and exploring new cultures and places. I'd love to spend more time in the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Ambergris Caye in Belize is on my list; I'd love to dive the reef there!



Fashion, blogging, art, photography, Holistic Health, travel, yoga, relaxation everything, gardening & I'm a total foody

How I Stay Healthy:

I love sweating it out in hot yoga classes, hiking, scuba diving, and being outside in nature. Aromatherapy, and bodywork balance everything out. 


Trying new and interesting cuisine is one of my favorite ways to explore, and am always ready to expand my gustatory horizons! I was vegetarian for years and recently just became vegan.  I keep a flavorful yet healthy diet, with one exception, I love sweets.

I've tried my hand at several different professions. I've finally found a combination that allows me the flexibility to work anywhere.  Along with professional companionship, I'm currently building a few different websites for some new adventures, including a clothing line. I have a deep love and appreciation for modern design and all things fashion;  the two go hand-in-hand quite well. Modern photography, art, and well-written blogs are other areas that often capture my attention.


Favorite Foods:

About all fruits & veggies- But a very strong sweet tooth as well

Clothing Sizes: 

Being so petite often makes shopping interesting. I'm a size 23/24 waist in jeans, 00 in dresses and wear a 28 E bra. Panties are either small or extra-small, depending on brand. 


My need for freedom and love of the unknown pushes me to pursue adventures of every size and shape. When I'm not working, you'll most often find me outside on a hike, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just simply enjoying an opportunity to commune with Mother Nature. Some might call me a hippy, but really I just love living well and taking care of myself holistically. Hot yoga, aromatherapy, and different forms of bodywork all help me keep my health and well-being in balance. If you're curious about it, I'm always happy to teach you what I know and point you in the right direction to start your journey yourself.

You'll find me incredibly kind, gregarious, witty, and warm-hearted.  I'm unafraid of closeness, and delight in the possibility of creating new intimate connections and friendships whenever I can. I gravitate towards people who share my love of connection & love to laugh, 

Be yourself when you're with me. Let your guard down, relax, and have the confidence to explore. Be open to new possibilities, sensations, and energy, even if only for a brief moment. 

I can't wait for our adventure to begin!



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