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  There was a time in my career, in the beginning, where I kept getting one fake review after the next on TER. These reviews were extremely disgusting and were only made to make people question my authenticity. There were lots of other things that this group of people was doing to me and I will gladly speak to anyone about my nonstop harassment I endured for a good year and a little more.  I was scared for my safety and my reputation was slowly getting ruined. Because I was a new provider it didn't help. 

   I ended up hiring a Private Investigator who traced my harassment to a providers home address. She, also, used a phone that was in her name. It appears her husband was helping her because his phone was, also, traced.  There was, also, a third IP location of which we couldn't trace. Which could be them or it could be a 3rd party, possibly a client. My PI got me so much information on this woman that I could, in turn, ruin her as she did me. Why haven't I yet? I, truly, have a very active social/personal life and a busy business life as well. What type of person has that much time on their hands where they can nonstop harass someone? Well, NOT ME! Instead, I decided to keep all the personal information I have on this couple in hope that I never have to use it, but always have it just in case.

   Why am I writing about this now? Well, I recently received a fake TER review. It's not as graphic or disgusting as the ones from before, but it's not real. I wrote into TER to take it down, but it's still up. Their policy allows it to be up long enough so that the reviewer can rebut the false claim. It concerns me that they are attempting to attack me again. Recently, I wrote on my twitter to a man whom I think was also involved in my previous harassment. This man has a fake twitter account where he pretends to be a dr in California and he attacks other providers. I called him out on social media. I haven't heard anything back from him on it, but now I got a fake review. I believe this man is working with the husband and provider who were attacking me before.

    This line of work is already stressful enough- this is truly the last thing I want to deal with, again. But if it does happen I do have a plan. I just thought a blog entry would be a good start in case stuff happens that I cannot control or maybe I don't see at first either.

Ugh, wish me luck ;) 

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