Frequently Asked

Q. How will you dress for our time together?

A. I'm a fashion chameleon of sorts, and I can dress for just about any occasion! My general style tends to be chic and minimal with an elegant twist.  I do love taking requests though and am more than happy to meet your requests if given enough notice. I love indulging very specific requests as well, but I may ask that you provide that item if I don't own it. 

Q. Are these photos really you?

A. Of course, they are, darling. I take a lot of pride in representing myself accurately while still remaining discreet. My photo gallery is updated regularly for this reason. However, I do photoshop out my tattoos & piercings for privacy reasons.

Q. Is it possible to arrange a meeting short notice?

I absolutely love spontaneous adventures, but rarely have the opportunity to indulge. I have a vast and varied life, and my schedule fills quickly. It's always best to give me as much notice as possible, with 24-48 hours preferred. You're also always welcome to pre-screen with me at any time- this definitely increases your chance of having a short-notice adventure with me.

Q. I'm a little nervous. What can I expect from you?

Those butterflies you get when meeting someone new for the first time are really part of the fun, aren't they A little-excited nervousness is good for the spirit! Rest assured though- I'll make you feel like we've been on a few dates before. I'm warm and open-hearted with a smile that'll put you at ease. The experience I hope to give you is that of a 5th or 6th date. We've become familiar with one another, but there's still the excitement of discovering new things! 

Q. Why do you blur your face?

A. There are a few reasons I blur my face, but the most important reason is that I value both my discretion and yours. Having secrets makes life more interesting, doesn't it Rest assured, though- my face is well-proportioned and compliments what you see in my gallery very, very well.


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